PrepGold began back in 2011 by a group that included college and high school coaches. The reasoning at the time was that Dyestat, a staple in the high school running community had been bought and diluted by ESPN, no longer had the personal connect. Over time we adjusted our site based on community input. When ESPN decided to drop Dyestat, we were as concerned as everyone and we were very happy when Runnerspace purchased it. Runnerspace has done an outstanding job of revitalizing Dyestat, covering High School Cross Country and Track, continuing the ranking in a way that is easy to use and filter, meet results and a forum. We have never had plans to do what is being done, and being done well.

Our passion for the sport has not decreased and we want to be part of the community in a way that brings something that is our own. Most of our emails and interactions are about athletes wanting to attend a college where they can continue to participate in the sport - questions about what to do while in high school to prepare for the next level - and from college coaches that share with us their commits, meets, camps and other information about their program. We found that as we built the college commitment pages we learned much about all the different colleges out there offering a quality education and good sports programs, yet their names are not in daily conversations.

We had some changes at our end, and it was time to sit down and discuss our direction. We have decided to leave the running news and stats to the bigger sites and we will focus on providing information to help high school athletes find their next home where they can flourish both academically and athletically. We want to share with you the many colleges that have much to offer through the country. We want to provide a one stop location for links to all the testings, scholarship sites, college process, recruiting process and guidelines. We want to provide blogs from athletes, coaches and others who can offer up advice, ideas and experiences to help guide through high school, college and beyond. We want to provide news such as scout reports on athletes looking for a good fit, new college programs entering the arena, recruitment experiences, weekly highlights of colleges and more.

Our site is going to be rebuilt from scratch so be looking for it to change and growth over the next several months. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter so when we start to upload you will know. Contact us at We thank you for your support in the past and hope you follow along in the future.